Is the US a third world country?

Of course it is not. But for a European who sets foot on the continent for the first time, several observations would lead to this conclusion:

  1. Urban ghettos, homeless people, trailer parks are certainly not a showcase of an advanced and rich civilization.
  2. High criminality and violence.
  3. Rampant corruption, which is even legal. Politicians can be bought openly, and few people see a problem with that.
  4. Crumbling infrastructure. Roads are full of potholes, in particular urban highways.
  5. Telephone and electricity are still supplied through overhead cables that are high in maintenance.
  6. Cellphones cannot be used to pay in stores.
  7. Credit cards do not have chips.
  8. No sidewalks in many places.
  9. A quarter of all homes still use septic tanks.
  10. Idle police officers watching every construction site on roads.

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