How to Make Money From Home in a Bad Economy - Try This Business

Millions of people are out of work.Thousands of businesses are failing.The economy is in the tank."OK", you say, "Thanks for that cheery news bulletin. Now tell me something I didn't know. Like, how can I earn money from home, even though the economy is bad?"Did you know there is a business that has done well in good times and bad during at least the last 50 years? Did you know that it will continue to do well for the next 50 years too?What is it?Selling information by direct marketing. Surprised? Don't be.I believe information products marketing is the perfect home based business for good economic times and bad. Dozens of internet marketing experts, like Terry Dean, Marlon Sanders, and Fred Gleeck, agree.People just like you continue to buy information that helps them solve a problem, meet a need, or satisfy a deep desire. We are in the information age, and the need for useful and valuable information is not going to go away anytime soon.Everyone knows more about at least one subject than almost everybody else. That makes the more knowledgeable person an "expert". Are you an expert? I bet you are and don't even realize it. If you know a lot about something, it is easy to assume everyone else knows that too. But, they often don't know much, and are very interested in knowing more.

Even though lots of information is freely available on the internet, many people will gladly pay you to do the research for them and provide just the most useful information in a form that makes it easy and fast to digest. It saves them a lot of time and quickly meets their need for the information.You can create and sell information in many forms, including books, ebooks, newsletters, home study courses, videos, audios, seminars, teleseminars, and webinars.Even if you are not a good writer, you can still create information products. One of the easiest ways to create a product is to interview an expert, or several experts, about a subject you have a strong interest in. Then, create and sell an audio recording of the interview, or a video of the interview, or a PDF transcript of the interview. There is your first information product to sell to people who, like you, have a strong interest in the interview topic. The experts you interview may even help you sell the product because it gives them added exposure and publicity.Information used to be sold by direct mail, through ads in magazines, or with TV infomercials. That still works today.But, more and more, information is being sold on the internet.If you have ever wanted your own home based internet business, now is the time to start it. Now is the time to focus on selling information on the internet.So, start your own information products marketing business today. Sell your information on the internet and make money from home, even if the economy is bad. Especially because the economy is bad.

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